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Betterlight Super 6K Scanning
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The scanning process involves an actual line-by-line scan of the artwork. Our scan back has the equivalent resolution of a 216 MP camera. Cameras with 12-30 MP are typically considered very high resolution today. The best camera on the market today is 60 MP. This makes the betterlight scan back 5-10 times more sensitive than the higher-end cameras on the market, and 2.5 times better than the very best.

The Canon ipf8300 and ipf9400 are state-of-the-art 12 color printers. These units include 2 print heads with a total of 30,720 nozzles. Printing capacity is 60" x 50 feet on a variety of media including canvas and fine art papers. We utilize Canon Lucia Pigmented inks for longevity and colorfastness.

UV Protective coatings for Canvas
All canvas giclees are coated with a UV protective coating after printing. In addition to the UV filtering feature, the coating provides additional protection from scratches and moisture.

Fine Art Quality Media
There are many types of print media available in the market today. We only utilize fine art quality media for our printing.
We want your print to last for generations.

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